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Free medical consultations with the e-med Nurse






How to Consult

As the world's leading online medical consultation site, e-med has helped thousands of clients from all over the world.

We have perfected a quick and easy way of consulting with your e-med doctor.

  1. After you have joined e-med, you will be send a unique PIN number and password.

  2. You have to put these details on the top of every e-mail to us.

  3. If you have a medical problem that you would like us to sort out for you, you will then be directed to our Symptom Checker. It looks like this:

    • What is the problem?
    • How long have you had it for?
    • Have you had it before?
    • What got it better before?
    • Have you tried any other treatment?
    • Are you on any other medication (prescription or non-prescription)?
    • What do you think the problem is or is causing it?
    • What are your main concerns about this problem?
    • What do you hope e-med can do for you?

  4. When you answer these questions, our doctors can easily sort out your problem, whether it's medication to make you better, referral to a specialist, further investigations or simply reassuring advice.

  5. If all you need is a prescription, then you will be asked these questions.

    • Name of drug?
    • Dose required: if in tablet or milligrams?
    • Frequency that you take the drug?
    • Condition that it is for?
    • Quantity i.e. units of the drug or weeks supply?
    • We can post you the prescription or arrange for the medication to be delivered from our pharmacy.

  6. Our doctors will respond within four working hours by e-mail to your request.

We are unique - no other medical practice in the world offers all these services !

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Free medical consultations with the e-med Nurse