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Here at e-med, we are proud to make the claim that we initiated online consultation. We were the first medical service to offer this reproduction of all aspects of GP consultation online. After 5 years and many thousands on consults, it is interesting to see the world catching up

The BMJ (Formally British Medical Journal) is a weekly publication for health professionals and students containing up-to-date information and developments in the Health Industry. It has a circulation of about 110,000, of which 13,500 copies are distributed outside Britain.

Issue 329 (August 21, 2004) ran a comprehensive article on Email Consultations in health care and their effectiveness.

As this has been a primary business process at e-med for 3 years, we have included links to the web-version of this article below. If you are interested in gaining a perspective on this type of service from a medical point of view, then please click on the following links:

Email consultations in health care:

Part 1 - scope and effectiveness

Part 2 - acceptability and safe application


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